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SEO is now an integral part of almost every marketing strategy, no matter how big or small the business. Although some small business owners choose to do their own SEO, there will come a point when it's time to consider outsourcing, and there are many good reasons why.


Once you get to grips with the principles, SEO is actually remarkably simple, however, what never changes is how time consuming it is. As your business grows you'll find it more and more difficult to squeeze in SEO time.

Depending on how seriously you take it, you may also spend time during the week keeping up with SEO blogs and discussions to keep abreast of the latest trends. Once you outsource, all this time is freed up to leave you to do what you always set out to – run your business.


Quite simply, a dedicated SEO company is likely to do a better job than you on your own. They will have a greater range of tools and stay up to date with current trends better than you can – after all, there will be more people to do so.

There are also many aspects, particularly of on-site optimisation, that will be missed in most DIY SEO campaigns due to a lack of technical knowledge.


Outsourcing your SEO will also give you the confidence that the right thing is being done by your site. Unless you've had some professional SEO experience yourself, you can never be fully confident you're doing the right thing. SEO agencies with numerous clients will have seen first hand the effects of various techniques, and know what does and doesn't work.

They are also likely to spot opportunities you may have missed, simply by virtue of experience.


Having a fixed cost for SEO makes it much easier to evaluate return on investment. With a good SEO company, you will almost certainly find the increased cost of SEO easily outweighed by the higher returns (as a result of better SEO) and the time and head space you have saved yourself.

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