Please can YOU help? Quick, easy survey on paperwork/admin 556 replies needed asap :0)

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Please can you spare 2 minutes? I've put together an easy and quick to answer survey using the very trustworthy SurveyMonkey tool. It has just 10 questions and most of them are tick boxes. My survey is looking for insights into how people manage their paperwork at home and who is responsible for dealing with the household admin and paperwork. It just takes 2 minutes to do and is anonymous** 
I'd appreciate your feedback as you all all juggling business and home/family life. The survey will run until I get at least 1000 replies ( currently on 444)  as when I reach that number I have an increased chance of getting an article on household paperwork and admin in the media and you all know how hard that can be. I;d really like to submit that article to the press This month if possible. The insights I gain from the survey will also be used to inform my blogs. So …. have you got all your #DucksInARow and is it true that it is mainly women that manage the household admin and paperwork and that most people don't have a will? That seems to be the case so far.

** The survey is anonymous but as Valentines Day looms we are offering a PRIZE to one lucky respondent who completes our survey by 6th February 2015 So if you also wish to enter the Prize Draw you will need to add your email in a box I've added to the last question. Email address will only be used to notify who has won the chocolates
You can see the 4 different items of chocolates on my tweets or blog page.  I've have selected  a box of 8 chocolates, a box of 4, a pkt of dark squares and one of milk choclate squares from the lovely range that  #sbs winner Drop Dead Chocolates supplies and the winner will be picked on 7th February 2015 and notified. If they reply quickly to the prize email notifcation we can get their prize to them in time for Valentine's Day as a treat for themselves or to share with the person they love. So complete our quick and easy survey by 6th February 2015 for your chance to win this lovely gift. Good Luck!

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