Polyester or Cotton Canvas?

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Polyester or Cotton Canvas?


On your search for canvas printing you may have noticed that some companies are drasticlly cheaper than others… why you ask? Well, the main difference in the cost of canvas printing is down to the material used. The two most popular canvas materials are polyester or cotton. Here at gemzbyemz.co.uk we use only 100% cotton canvases and In this article we are going to look at the differences between the two:



Polyester canvas is made from plastic fibres and cotton canvas is made from cotton fibres. Polyester is much cheaper to source and sell; it is therefore the most popular material that alot of printing companies choose to use. Although polyester material provides vibrant colours it can slacken with fast temperature changes and doesn't hold up as well in the long run like the cotton canvases do. Polyester doesn't absorb the ink as well as cotton either. The ink sits on top of the canvas rather than penetrating it and this leads to cracking and stretching in the future. Polyester canvas also has a very cheap and 'plastic' feel to it.



Unlike polyster, cotton canvas is a sturdy and waterproof fabric that is designed to last a lifetime. The tight weave of cotton canvas means that it retains it's dyed colour extremely well and unlike polyester canvases a protective coating is not required. Cotton canvas also doesn't 'sink' in the middle like polyester canvas. 



We feel that cotton canvas is by far the best quality for your wall art and this is the reason that the cotton canvas AND inks we use have a lifetime guarantee and are both waterproof and UV proof.

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