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Ok Guys! I did have a few ‪#‎SBS‬ members wanting to know how I got on with I started the Pressloft Trial before Christmas. It was a 60 day free trial. My images of my chocolate shoes have been downloaded by 34 journalists since. I have continued my paid membership with pressloft after the trial ended, because I thought it was worth it. Just found out on twitter that County wedding magazines have featured my chocolate shoes in all 17 titles/regions of the County wedding magazine! Since starting the pressIoft trial I have had mentions on, The best Scottish wedding magazine, ETC Magazine and Northern Life magazine to name a few. So for those of you who were unsure about pressloft, give it a go. (nothing to lose) If you don't get anything during the trial you are not obliged to continue and can cancel anytime. PS: I'm not working for press loft, I work for my self  Thought this might be of some help to other members that's why I shared my experience.

Just as I wrote this post I received a tweet from Press loft informing us of being mentioned in Irelands Home and Living Magazine alongside other pressloft clients. . was also featured in this months magazine. What a coincidence, were one of our inspirational speakers at the #SBSevent


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