Pulling into more stations and free trains too!

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It has been an exciting few months over in Trainmaster HQ. In August I was personally running every event and private party which were all within an hour of my hometown. Since then we won out first award (the My Vip Card Parents Choice Award), I started spreading nationwide, we won SBS and Mattel sent me 1500 trains.

In early September Mattel contacted me, THE Mattel and they asked if I would be interested in some free trains. They have just sent me 1500 Thomas and friends mini trains to giveaway to my customers which was just a really unbelievable day! A pallet arrived my two youngest helped carry the boxes inside, they made a tower and were rather pleased with themselves.

Over the past few months we have grown nationwide and now have events running in Tyne and Wear, York, Leeds, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire, North Hampshire, South Hampshire West Sussex, and East Sussex. Everyone in my team is a parent and working hard to grow their area.

We have been growing our network of local businesses who we invite along to our events to showcase what they do. We have a big range of local businesses from fingerprint jewellery, photographers doing mini shoots, sleep experts and handmade clothing. The parents enjoy seeing other local businesses and we love to support them.

I made the decision to enrol my youngest into nursery one day a week and that started today! Before this I have been snatching time around my 3 boys but that’s now become unrealistic. My boys are 5, 4 and 2 so pretty full on so one day of piece means I can achieve a lot.

Next month we turn 2 and when I look back on the past two years I find it unbelievable how far we have come. The idea is still very similar but the running of the business has developed a lot. Being a new business owner can be hard and I feel I have learnt so so much and really grown as a person.

Winning SBS was such a great moment. I had put up my tweet from the o2 as we went to watch the ATP tennis finals, the signal was terrible and I very nearly gave up. The next night I logged into Twitter at 8pm and the app crashed, I tried again and there we were on the retweet! I could not believe it and my phone has never had so many Twitter notifications.

Onwards and upwards, I am excited to see what happens next with Trainmaster!

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