Red Herring Games – Making Digital history – thanks to #SBS support!

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This week we've released into the world what could be a "first” in the murder mystery world.

Using 360 degree Google technology, Red Herring Games has created an online gaming experience designed to extend the reach of the National Fishing Heritage Centre's Museums at Night event in May 2014.

“We wanted to create something lasting from our involvement with the museum” Jo Smedley, Managing Director of Red Herring Games said. “We were asked by the National Fishing Heritage centre to produce a themed murder mystery for their space last year, but we wanted to give them something that had a longer duration impact, and this game does that.”

With no public money available to fund the project, Red Herring Games turned to local sponsors and their fellow #SBS winners to help towards the project costs.

“We could never have done it without help” Jo Smedley said. “And we were really pleased with the #SBS winners response to our request for help last year,  with Ruggles Leisure, Pulse CSI, Acting the Party, Funky Fingerprints, Titan Jewellery and Quality Silver all coming on board to lend their support.”

During the pre-launch phase of the project, it was picked up by the local TV station "Estuary TV".  As a result a televised version of the game is set to air later this year.

The game takes the form of an interactive tour of the National Fishing Heritage Centre, but with a difference. Around the museum there are eleven suspects and a series of clues to investigate. Players can interact with the suspects who will provide witness statements and answer set questions, and inspect the clues within the building in more detail. The solution is hidden within the game, and players must find the firm’s mascot Sherlock (a Red Herring) if they want to find out “who dunnit”.

The game can be found on Red Herring Games newest website “”  hosted by Metal Frog.  Why not give it a go yourself?

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