Remember, remember firework safety on 5th November

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Nobody wants to spoil Bonfire Night or the excitement that it brings on normally otherwise dark and gloomy evenings that are usually associated with November, but common sense should be exercised to avoid what could very easily turn into tragedy and heartbreak.

Firework Events sells fireworks to the public and display organisers as well as staging our own spectacular #bangtastic displays.

If you are planning to buy fireworks this Guy Fawkes:

  • Make sure you only buy from legitimate retailers
  • Only buy fireworks with the BSS safety mark
  • Never buy fireworks from anyone selling at car boot sales or knocking on your door
  • We urge anyone who thinks they might have bought unsafe fireworks or has information about people selling to under 18 year olds to contact their local trading standards office – you might be saving a life.


Explosive Facts

  • The firework industry is worth around £45 million per year
  • More than 100 million fireworks are sold each year in the UK
  • About one third of the market is in organised displays. the rest are sold over the counter in shops
  • Of the organised display market, about two thirds are fired by amateurs, and one third by professionals
  • Firework Events shops around for their suppliers, Germany manufactures the best rockets, while China is good for the noise and visual effects important for a successful show

If you would like safety advice, a fireworks display, general information, training, or for anything and everything pyrotechnic please 'remember remember' Firework Events.

(Please note, our boss Jonathan loves to dress up as Guy Fawkes now and again and isn't really that scary in real life, infact, he's quite approachable and cuddly.)

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