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Hi All, This is my first blog post so bear with me!!

In this blog I’m going to answer some of the most frequent questions I get asked.

What is resin? Epoxy resin is a liquid material that can be used for many purposes and is created by a chemical reaction by mixing two different parts together. This can be then coloured to create resin flow art. The resin I use is 100% non toxic and a little dearer than some art resins as I’m using it on the serving boards. Likewise I use non toxic water based inks on the boards as well. I do use alcohol inks but i only use these for art work or coasters.

Why are your boards more expensive than some other resin crafters boards? All the cheese/serving boards are 100% handmade and not mass produced. My boards start life as a kiln dried plank and are cut and sanded (a huge amount of sanding) to the shape I want. As well as being a solid piece of wood that is at least 1” thick, I can offer a range of shapes and sizes. Also non toxic resin is a little more expensive than normal art resin.

Do I make custom orders? Yes I do. From bespoke artwork, to a certain size, shape or colour of board. Resin art is a flow art, therefore no two pieces can ever be the same, meaning a truly unique piece.

I also have a special 10% off for all #SBS winners on the website.  Please use promo code on checkout – SBSWINNER

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