#SBS 2015 Event Metalfrog Update

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Good morning all. Well, that was a great day on Friday.

I can't thank you enough for you words of kindness and support. Obviously, we are going to assist everyone, and we are in the throes of setting up support systems to cope. This is going to take a while this morning, so I ask you for your patience and understanding.

The press release documents are in the midst of being updated by Henry Ryman We will be able to post the old version to the new site – probably some time this morning. I know everyone is keen to crack on, and our team are mindful of this.

I ask you not to DM me, as all support requests and assistance coming through official channels we setup for you will be handled a lot quicker and you will be supported by my entire team. I hope that this is OK. Back to you soon with more news and information.


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