SBS Dog Trainer becomes a Distinctive Dog Trainer!

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Last week I was away for Crufts at the NEC along with my Norwich Terriers Merlin and Ripley, plus assistance dog puppy Aero who I’m training ready for her future with Dogs for Autism.

Merlin and I were part of the Heelwork to Music displays then the next day manned the Norwich Terrier breed stand where we can let members of the public know about the breed, meet the dogs etc.

We returned to our caravan in the evening and I checked my emails to find I had one from Helen Motteram, one of my mentors. I was delighted to read that I had passed my assessments for the Dog Trainers course I’ve been doing for the last few months – I’m officially now a Distinctive Dog Trainer! Following the numerous months of the course there was then a 6-part Assessment plus Workbooks, detailed Case Studies etc, all encouraging us to expand our small businesses in our own direction without feeling like we have to follow the ‘norm’!!

Being a Distinctive Dog Trainer tells my customers that I am a kind and ethical Dog Training Instructor who goes that extra mile to provide a unique and bespoke service. I’ve also been invited to join the Distinctive Dog Trainer Academy Hub where I’ll continue to receive support from Helen and other Distinctive Dog Trainers, many of whom I’ve made connections with during this course!

I just want to add “eeeeekkkkk I’ve passed my assessments and am so proud!!!” Lol! During this course we have had Aero join us as a 10 week old puppy and she’s so different to our terriers; she can reach everything!!! Juggling the course alongside my usual work, Aeros development and training plus my ME flare ups has often proved a challenge which makes passing the assessments so much sweeter!

I so rarely post achievements as I really feel uncomfortable ‘bragging’ but this one felt right to add here! I couldn’t make the SBS event as travelling up to Birmingham twice in two weeks just wasn’t possible with work, the dogs and my ME but passing my assessments while away last week almost make up for it! Plus I got to meet some fellow dog business SBS Winners too!


Now to celebrate with a nap lol!

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