SBS Win Featured in Newpaper!

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Hello fellow SBS winners',

There are many perks being an SBS winner as I'm sure you'll all know. First and foremost, being recognised by someone of Theo Paphitis' status in the business world is quite a big deal in itself. Being amongst the company of other SBS winners (I'm talking to you!) and having their support, whilst also getting to meet Theo in person, have a photo and listen to his words of wisdom, well you can't really expect to get any more out of an experience which simply started out as a tweet. Wrong.

We reached out to our local newspaper (and surrounding areas) with the story of our SBS win. Within a few hours we received a response from them saying they wanted to run the article. We drafted the press release ourselves, only to be told they actually wanted to make it LONGER. Once extra quotes had been obtained, we were told we'd be featured in this week's issue (23/04). 

Flashback to yesterday afternoon, we get a copy of this week's edition to see that we're featured as the main article in the business section of the paper. The story talks about the immediate impact of winning an SBS award, what it was like to meet Theo face-to-face and what it has done for our company. 

If you haven't done so already, we recommend contacting your local paper(s) and seeing if they'll do a write-up. All it takes is a few minutes to run a quick internet search in order to obtain the email addresses of feature writers/editors and you're away!

Once again, thank you for your continued support.


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