#SBSWinner / Life Saver

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Hi #SBS winners. I hope you are all well and choose to give us a follow on this cold #FF.

I am writing this blog as i had a very interesting trip home on Friday after the event. I was heading back to Wakefield obviously happily tweeting about logo design and what a brilliant event is was. As we approched Sheffield i noticed the man next to me shaking and foaming at the mouth. He was having a epeleptic fit! It was horrible. I managed to get him down onto the floor of the coach and into the recovery position which was hurtling down the motorway at 70mph. The ambulance was called and i am still shaking from the experience.

The main point of this post is to tell you all that life is too short and you need to do what makes you happy!

To this point i have heard nothing further from Megabus or the ambulance services and i dont think i will but i hope the lad is ok and i wish him and all of you a bright and happy future. You can give us a follow on Twitter at @LeeLambchop or via our website www.lambchop-creative.com.


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