SBS Winners Event 2015

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The Meet – The Event

Friday 30th Jan 2015 is when I reaped a reward of wining SBS Sunday

Meeting Mr P himself was good fun, it was a great day in Birmingham.

I guess I must have looked a bit out of place being the only child business man amongst hundreds of business people, but that didn't stop me mingling and standing up to ask guest speaker 'Rob Forkan' Founder of Gandys flipflops ( a question, I had my hand up for ages, but I didn't give up I was determined to get noticed finally Mr P noticed my hand high in the air and picked me to speak and asked a Rob a question!!

Secretly I reckon Mr P saw my hand at least 5 mins before but decided to make me wait, he was probably wondering what I was going to say and should he risk it!! 🙂

Everyone was so nice and of course meeting Mr P was a highlight!

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