Season Neutral Décor Ideas To Inspire You

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A snowy blue for January; fiery orange pillows for the summer months; these changes, and more, can seem overwhelming as we try to keep décor in-line with the seasons. Few people can afford a total three-month shakeup for their interior, nevermind knowing where to start.

If you count yourself amongst them, then we’d like to open another possibility – that of the neutral palette, which can weather any mood it’s set against. For a timeless home style, it’s the most sensible option, and here are some thoughts for achieving it.

Embrace darkened wood effects

Neutrality is typically associated with light, passive colours such as beige, white, grey and nude pink. But as you might guess, reams of thick cream and the like will often appear indistinguishable. There has to be a dark counterpoint to the main colour scheme, and for this, we suggest rich wood effects that break up large wall and floor spaces.

This could be in the form of staircases, wooden flooring, or fitted furniture that lends substance to a neutral colour palette. Skirting boards, window frames and beamed ceilings can also add some necessarily rich visuals.

Pay tribute to minimalism

Minimalism is here to stay, but the rule of ‘less is more’ tends to focus on clean edges, geometrics and subtlety. By staying true to these elements, you can find a blueprint that works well with neutral shades throughout the home.

One idea might be select pieces of freestanding furniture – a thin grey bookcase against a cream background lets the eye linger on shelf design, which should keep seasonal trinkets to a minimum.

Take a straight line aesthetic a little further by choosing hanging light fixtures in the modern style i.e. circular heads and whisper-thin cables. A clutch of black industrial lighting units can add a little drama, without allying to a season.

Explore fun metallic tastes

Anyone with their finger on the pulse of interior design knows that coppers, golds and silvers are fashionable once more. That’s good news for the neutral stylist – all of these shades, including crystalline hues, have much to lend for the trend you’re seeking.

Metallic furniture, such as copper-topped coffee tables, make a statement addition to a living space, forming the core of a neutral-themed room. Alternatively, choose to hone in on smaller accessories that will add sparkle to cream, white or pastel backgrounds: lamps, cushions, coasters and other essentials all make a house a home.

Neutral doesn’t have to be bland – by distancing yourself from seasonal ‘musts’, and looking to trends with staying power, you can get the most value from your investment in home improvements. And these are just a few starters for ten…

Still stuck for ideas? Call the Hartleys furnishing experts on 01756 700 471 or fill in a contact form to share your initial thoughts with our team. Once you’ve hit the perfect plan, it’ll stay with you for many years and shifting seasons ahead…


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