Secrets For Making Your Living Space Look Bigger

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No one wants to feel like they’re in a cramped home. Thankfully, there are many ways to create an open atmosphere. Besides beautiful furnishings, so much of our interiors rely on arranging items to promote a sense of distance and playing with light and shade.

This isn’t too hard to pull off – even with a small property, there are tricks that can make your rooms seem larger for a reasonable price. We’re revealing some of them here in our space-expanding secrets for home improvement…

Line up floor mirrors opposite windows

They don’t have to be in a direct parallel to your windows, but standing mirrors are wonderful for reflecting natural light. Living room, kitchen and bedroom windows have double the impact when they’re bouncing back off polished glass. With a frame worthy of the attention, floor mirrors accentuate even the smallest amount of daylight – place them up against a back wall, by a bed or a sofa, for a brightening effect.

Don’t shy from neutral colours

Beige, white and light orange – these are the three neutral hues to use for a space-conscious design. Such colours won’t lock the décor into a dark scheme; instead, you’ll have a sunnier style, which lets the eye wander over clear, unblemished walls. Finish the skirting boards and shelving with a pale wood material: maple is a good choice.

Only choose low storage units

Too-tall features can be imposing. Bookcases, cabinets, filing structures and toy chests should be given a height limit. Obviously, some of those storage pieces need to be tall to be convenient, but you can solve that issue by choosing a wire-framed unit. Storage trolleys, for example, have spaces between the bars, giving an illusion of room even though they occupy the floor.

Make lighting the star of the show

Cramped interiors often make a crucial mistake: concealed lighting. This isn’t the best for showing off the full expanse of the space you’re working with. By dotting bulbs in key areas, such as far corners and over the tops of cooking islands, you will have the illumination you need for a home that doesn’t stay in the shadows.

Buy beds and sofas with legs

It might sound strange at first, but a little thought can unravel why leg-based furniture is a valuable trick to help you feel free in your living space instead of confined. The area between the floor and the bottom of the item is, actually, quite noticeable; our eyes can mistake a room as smaller than its real size, if all we see is a squat, flat structure on the carpet or floorboards. It’s a subtle trick, yet beds, sofas and wardrobes with legs can literally raise the space levels of your home.

By keeping an open mind, in every sense of the word, you’ll have a series of rooms that don’t stop you or your guests from enjoying your surroundings. Hartleys’ showcase design skills are yours to use to help create the illusion of space in an otherwise compact home – contact us today.

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