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Driving traffic to your website should represent a significant proportion of your DIGITAL MARKETING strategy. There are a few ways of doing this; arguably the most effective strategy to drive traffic is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO).

We have some SEO tips for you:

1. Choosing Your Keywords – The foundation of your strategy is your keyword research, it’s imperative to get it correct the first time around, consequences of getting it wrong will entail not ranking for the search queries you’ve intended and it’s a time consuming process to revisit as effectively you will be starting a brand new SEO campaign.

2. On Page SEO – Ensure that your website is professionally optimised, meaning not just your homepage, but other pages and its subpages.

3. Produce Fresh Content – Google recognises which websites are constantly updating, websites that release great new content, will have a positive influence on search engine rankings.

4. Use Google Analytics – Use GA to track information on your website and create reports. Find out if you are attracting visitors through your targeted keywords and whether your organic search traffic is important.

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