Should Dogs Be Dressed Up?

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This is a question that many people inadvertently ask or discuss and of course in my line of business as the owner of a pet boutique I should say “yes” straight away!  I do know, however,  that opinions are very divided with this topic.

It does come down to personal choice and I hear many a person saying the words “they’re dogs for goodness sake”!  This is most definitely the case but over the years man has domesticated our K9 friends and,  with most houses being centrally heated or boasting a lovely warm open fire to sprawl in front of,  being presented with the great outdoors during the Winter months must be a shock to the system for the very small breeds (Chihuahuas in particular), poorly or elderly dogs. 

Coats, jumpers and t-shirts are perfectly fine for dogs to wear but the golden rule is that anything you choose to adorn your pooch with mustn’t inhibit any of their senses, movement or daily functions.  In particular with the short nosed dogs, Pugs and French Bulldogs etc their temperature must be kept a close eye on too.   Clothing is designed nowadays with this in mind and comfort of paramount importance.

Here lies the problem as humans being humans we love to make practical things aesthetically pleasing to the eye or amusing and I think that this is sometimes where the issues occur.  Clothing made to look too human like and novel can sometimes be seen to belittle dogs or turn them into play things for our amusement.   This is when it comes down to good old personal choice and I see nothing wrong with a dog in a human style parka, an Argyle jumper or even a coat with a hood sporting bunny ears!

People love to pamper their pets and buy things for them treating them as part of the family…as they most definitely are.  There is so much horrific animal cruelty shown in the media or our newsfeeds that if an owner wants to have a separate wardrobe for their doggie’s clothing I myself cannot see the harm in this.  At least we can have peace of mind that they’re being cared for and loved just the same as an owner who has a dog as a family pet and chooses to not put clothes on them!


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