So What is a Virtual Assistant?

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Being a Virtual Assistant is a relatively new way of working and is a step away from “the norm” of an Assistant working in an office 9.00am-5.00pm.  So it isn’t surprising that a lot of people haven’t heard the term before, or don’t really understand what we do.

So, I have listed below the answers to a few questions that I am being asked on a regular basis…so you don’t have to!

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
    Virtual Assistants (VAs) are usually self-employed professionals who carry out many different administrative tasks, whilst being remotely located. VA’s are usually hired by small and web-based businesses, entrepreneurs or mobile professionals.
  • What kind of services do you offer as a Virtual Assistant?
    In a nutshell – whatever you need me to if it’s within my capabilities! Many VAs specialise in a certain area and can therefore bring their expertise to the table. For example I am a qualified HR professional.  I offer most services that an Office Administrator or Personal Assistant can perform, albeit it on a remote basis. To see how I could support your business please view my services page on my website.
  • Why do I need a Virtual Assistant?
    A Virtual Assistant can save you two of your most precious resources: time and money. As a business owner you should be focused on your products or services and growing your business, not worrying about day to day administrative chores. A VA can take care of paperwork, handle bookkeeping, provide customer service, organise your inbox, update your website, make travel arrangements, proofread your blog, help with marketing and manage your schedule.
  • How do I “Connect” with you?
    We live in a very exciting era of technology! There are so many tools available to me online to make working remotely easy for everyone. I use Dropbox for file sharing, Google Apps for email, calendar and contacts, Skype and Zoom for communicating – to name a few. Of course, you may recommend new technologies that you use in your business and I am more than happy to use these too.
  • What Geographical area do you cover?
    Although I am based in Swindon, due to the tools that I use I can work for businesses right across the UK or even Globally.
  • How much does it cost?
    For standard Virtual Assistant services, I charge £20.00 per hour. I use an app (Toggl) to digitally track any time that is spent working on your tasks and you receive a full report with your monthly invoice.  It’s important to note that VAs can cost less than a permanent employee with full benefits, there are no office space costs to accommodate them and you only pay for actual time spent working.
  • Do we have a contract in place?
    Once we agree to work together I will send you a Welcome Pack, detailing our working relationship and what has been agreed. This also includes my T&C’s of Service.  I am also happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if required.
  • I need a Virtual Assistant – What do I do?
    Contact me using any of the below methods.
    We can have an informal (and FREE) discussion around what you need support with and whether I will be able to help you. Then we can start getting into the nuts and bolts of what, when and how.  If you are local we can arrange a meeting, if not then we can chat via Skype or Zoom.  It’s as simple as that!

Hopefully I have answered any questions that you may have. If not please feel free to contact me and we can chat further about what I do and how I could help you.



Mobile:              07539 964292

SM:                   @domystuffuk

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