Spring into action

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Now that Spring has finally sprung, it's a great time to start making the changes you've been meaning to do.



Why hold onto old machines?

Any laptops and / or desktops beyond their best should be upgraded or changed. 

It will cost you less to upgrade rather than allowing these to run, which in turn could cost you more due to frustrations and possible downtime because of their slow productivity.

Why not think about replacing old equipment with new kit! 



Do you have files or documents that are being stored needlessly or are out of date?

Did you know that using disk space unneccessarily can slow down your network thus reducing your productivity? 

Did you know that Wallpapers, Screensavers and other "junk" downloaded from the internet could be taking up valuable space.

If you answered "yes" then why not clear out the clutter? 



When did you last go over your backup routine?

Is your backup automated?

Are you confident that it runs regularly and at a time that does not disturb your workforce?

Have you run a trial restore to make sure that your backups are running effectively, so that necessary changes can be made to ensure a smooth and reliable system is in place? 

Have you ever considered backing up to an off-site location for example? 



How often do you check your IT Security i.e. Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Firewalls etc? 

Can you honestly say everything is in order?

Does any of your Software require upgrading to the latest version?

How safe is your Network?

Are Users able to access confidential files on your system? 

Have you ever asked yourself if there are any hidden glitches in your security which could lead to problems?  



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