Spruce Up Your Bedroom For 2019!

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Once New Year’s Day is in the bag, many of us start to think about making home improvements and upgrading our decor. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get your grand plans underway, we’ve taken a look at a few 2019 interior trends and how they can be practically implemented into your home.

Lavish colour palettes and texturesRich, dark wood bedroom furniture

The current maximalism craze is showing no signs of slowing, and you can embrace it by using significantly richer colours than the usual muted palette in your home. Opt for dramatic jewel tones, oversized florals, sumptuous materials, like velvet, and luxe metallic accessories, such as brass lamp stands and picture frames. Cleverly selected contrasting colours and vibrant patterns will give your room depth and a glamour to lift even the dullest of winter days.

Take this one step further by integrating a statement ceiling. Seldom ever painted any other colour than white, you could coat it with a rich shade or add a pattern to guarantee it won’t go unnoticed.

Geometric patternsPatterned wall paper

A geometric pattern is one such idea for your ceiling, walls, floors or furnishings. You can most definitely expect to see both audacious and more subtle designs of all sizes gracing the pages of interior design magazines in the new year.

This trend can be easily incorporated by displaying the same shape in different patterns – for example circle outlines in a diverse range of colours and sizes, varying for each material. Or clash distinct patterns – maybe simple stripes against dots. You could even bring texture into it; a pebble rug would make a one-of-a-kind statement.

Artisanal features

Create an even more unique look by incorporating artisanal fittings. You can acquire bespoke items from local craftspeople and small businesses. More than likely you will already own at least one item of furniture which could be given a new lease of life if up-cycled or repurposed. Make enquiries and you’ll find a local workshop with the expertise to help. Whether you opt for hand-crafted bronze cabinets, or perhaps a solid wood table, your interior will be personalised the second these pieces are in situ.

Eco-friendly elementsBeech bedside table

Any type of wood furniture will bring the benefit of a natural feel to your home, helping to  achieve a sustainable living space.

Being sustainable is itself a trend, and one that’s set to only expand in 2019. Thankfully, it’s easy to integrate. You could simply introduce real greenery into your home. Plants help to clean the air too, such as the Feston rose which has fantastic purifying abilities.

The furniture you choose can also be incredibly eco-friendly, depending on where you purchase it from. Hartleys’ fitted furniture is fully sustainable, as it’s crafted with resources from managed forestations. We have a wood burner in our factory, which ensures that not only is a landfill not required, but any unwanted furniture from customers’ homes is also safety disposed of. We fashion many of our pieces from the raw material MDF, which is supplied by Egger. They have an eco cycle that conserves resources by using renewable energy.

To get ahead of 2019’s home trends, get in touch with the Hartleys team today on 01756 700471. It’s not just eco-conscious pieces we can offer you – we provide bespoke creative and design advice too. You can choose to request a design visit , or take a tour of our bespoke furniture ranges at our Yorkshire showroom.

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