Stylish Ways to Bring the Outside Indoors

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Our homes are probably our most treasured possessions, but ‘home’ is not strictly limited to bricks and mortar. For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the garden is an endless source of inspiration. Fixing your interior to imitate the outdoors can be a satisfying and creative way to celebrate Mother Nature, and there are many ways to bring the awe of a sun-flecked landscape to your property.

To inspire your next home improvement project, Hartleys Rooms has a few expert tips on how to bring the outside indoors.

Light It Up

The base of a natural décor is making everything seem bright and airy. Space is as much a psychological dimension as a physical one, so white walls can easily open up the aesthetic of a living room, bedroom or hallway. Green and yellow wallpaper can be effective if it’s used sparingly, complementing the pure feeling of predominant whiteness.

Using windows cannily can also help to give a literal light touch to your furniture. Try placing wall art, chairs and other items of interest in places where sunlight can reach them throughout the day, accentuating your love of outdoor illumination. Just make sure electric lights don’t intrude on the overall look.

Wood is a Must

There’s really nothing like a smooth, polished set of sliding wardrobes or a chest of drawers made from solid wood. This furniture can give your home a rustic, earthy feel, complementing the soft furnishings surrounding it. Curtains fluttering in a light breeze, or a lamp with an auspicious shade, will look amazing when paired with quality wooden pieces.

Maple is an excellent choice if you have quirky objects to contrast against it, but leaning too heavily on light palettes might render your interior cold and slightly anaemic. Dark wood finishes, particularly when positioned as an epic eye-catcher for visitors, can instil your home with a class and grandeur that’s impossible to beat.

Hartleys Rooms can help you choose a finish for your fitted furniture that will slot right in with your interior design, for that beautiful wood effect without the costs that come with it.

Plant an Idea

Here comes the fun part – choosing which decorative plants you’ll place around your home, to build an organic atmosphere. Indoor ivy, for example, is a great addition for kitchens with laminate worktops, offsetting clean efficiency with a sprawling cascade of leaves. Dotting potted plants around tables and dining areas imparts a nutritional backdrop to mealtimes, giving you and your guests an appetite for all sorts of greenery.

If you’re not a keen botanist, bring flora and fauna into your home with beautiful prints and patterns. From cushions and curtains to feature walls, a nature-inspired theme can transform your lounge, bedroom or dining room, for stunning décor that’s effortlessly evergreen.

Looking to make your home a shrine to the outdoors this summer? You’ll find plenty more inspiration in our showroom. Visit us in Skipton or call 01756 700471, to see how we can sow the seeds of your creativity.  

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