Stylish Ways To Make Your Interiors Mindful

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It’s the little things that make a house a home. After a long day, you want to return to your own little slice of paradise to wind down and relax.

Here are some small ways you can turn your home into a veritable haven.

Colour is key

An easy method to make your interiors look and feel more stylish, but in a mindful way, is by adding a splash of colour. Whether you are into more vibrant, bold shades, or subtler modern tones, a lick of paint will rejuvenate any room.

Blues, greens and yellows all have calming properties, and would work well on your main feature wall. They also complement lighter beiges and whites that you could use on other surfaces. The use of lighter colours will make your rooms feel bigger and fresher – a perfect makeover for summer that can help you unlock some much-needed headspace.

Alternatively, combine one predominant colour against pastel shades to add a wow factor to your interiors. Injecting a little personality into your home with a favourite colour can lift your spirits like little else – but if you’re hesitant to go daring all over, using brighter shades with hand-painted furniture is an easier way to add colour without the commitment of redecorating. Why not try a fiery red dresser or cheerful yellow dining chairs to complement already existing features.

Accessories are essential

Accessories can make a huge difference to your home. Even the smallest of touches can completely change the mood of anyone walking through your door.

Candles and woven rugs, for example, can make your home feel cosy and warm on those dreary, grey days when you don’t want to leave the house. Or hang a mirror to open up a space and bring in more light, creating a positive space to relax in on sunnier mornings.

Prefer to improve focus and become more harmonious with nature? Air-purifying house plants will do the trick. Succulents and cacti are additionally very low maintenance and can bring out the natural colours of your room. But you can go faux too: a nature-themed art piece is always a great conversation starter and negates the need to be too adventurous with your wall colours. The colour green is a proven mood booster and creates a sense of calm.

Mindfulness matters

With stress and anxiety seemingly on the rise, it’s important to create your own personal space to come home to and unwind.

However, it’s not always easy to incorporate all the ideas you have buzzing around in your head. Hartleys are happy to help with any enquiries you might have about creating your perfect oasis of calm – whatever that looks like to you. Our savvy storage solutions will ensure clutter is a thing of the past – reducing your stress levels and making your space more productive.

Both our freestanding and fitted furniture are completely bespoke, so your chosen combination of finishes and storage options can help produce or enhance qualities in the home that aid mindfulness and wellbeing.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today, and start getting that relaxation time you deserve. Alternatively, you can request a design visit or arrange a tour of our Yorkshire showroom.

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