Survey Provides Insights into Third Sector Training

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Online training experts TrainingToolz recently undertook research to better understand
the challenges faced by the 3rd sector.

They surveyed a cross-section of charities, ranging from those that train fewer than 10 people per year to some that train over 500 stakeholders annually, with training budgets from £0 to over £3,000 per annum.

The main issues charities face are:

  • Most encountered difficulties with gathering people from different locations to a physical place on a given day and time
  • Half of the respondents said that the cost of training was an issue
  • Two-thirds said they struggle to find time to create or complete courses
  • Charities find online training more cost-effective, less time-consuming and better for the environment. All said it was more convenient with staff and volunteers not needing to travel and half also enjoyed the versatility, saying that content could be edited and repurposed
  • Suggestions for improving their existing online training included making some topics, such as compliance and governance, more engaging. Respondents would like to have more opportunities to interact with the addition of pre-recorded video
  • Some staff would like more time to plan training to give people longer to complete it. A third said they would like their courses in one place with easy access and the ability to track attendance and progress

Speaking about the findings, TrainingToolz Chief Strategy Officer, Kirsty Collinson, said: “As a company, we’re always seeking to improve our offering to ensure we continue to deliver our charity clients relevant solutions. I want to thank everyone that completed the survey for their valuable insights and for helping to shape the future direction of TrainingToolz.

“It’s encouraging that several of the issues identified are already preventable by choosing TrainingToolz as online training partners. Notably, people can train on any device with an internet connection at a time and pace that suits them. Our subscriptions are cost-effective, with no hidden costs or lengthy tie-in periods. Courses can be engaging, with creators able to include video, audio, interactive questions and downloads, and a certificate is automatically generated on completion. Lastly, we can help with planning and creating your training plus we also have a library of customisable, professionally written courses available ready-made. Subjects include GDPR, safeguarding and health and safety.”

The effect of the pandemic

Though cost is a prohibitive factor for most charities, survey results indicate that training is an area of growth. The pandemic was a catalyst to prioritise investing in online training. Comments show that staff and volunteers welcomed the increase in online training since the lockdowns began, stating that more courses had become available and completing training online was more efficient.


TrainingToolz can solve many of the issues faced by the charities they surveyed. Their system is easy to use for both course creators and candidates and packages are flexible to suit each organisation’s needs. In addition, their expert team give full support throughout the duration of a subscription, meaning they get to know you and your objectives personally before jointly working towards achieving your training goals.

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