Sweet Pizzas sell out at local food and drink festival!

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We had a stall at our biggest festival yet last weekend and it couldnt have gone any better!

Last Saturday and Sunday we pitched our little stall at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival not knowing what to expect after only doing one smaller food festival and a handful of farmers markets to date. I took two days off my actually 9 to 5 to bake and create enough sweet pizzas for the saturday and off I went. After a few marquee issues I was finally set up and by 4pm had completely sold out of desserts! This meant with my sister in tow I headed home to bake into the night, deciding another 12 would be sufficient despite rumours that Sunday would be a lot quieter than Saturday. I finally turned in at 1am Sunday morning knowing whatever I sold the next day would all be profit due to selling out the first day, such a nice feeling! 

Sunday was as successful as the day before, the sun was out in force, drawing even more people than Saturday, and after a few stall rearrangements to seek shade I had sold out by 5pm.

I decided to showcase my SBS certificate on my stall, this drew lots of questions from the customers, I'm hoping it convinced a few to buy a slice as well!

I was thoroughly shattered come Sunday evening and celebrated with a beer and some greek food before turning in for my full time job once again.

The busy life of a small business owner, we must be mad, but its successful days like this that keep you going!

On to the next food festival!

Anyone have a food festival in the pipeline? I'd love to hear all about your experiences!

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