Thank You

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I've had a slight update to my Lambchop logo and branding! Theo Paphitis and the SBS event last week really pushed me to achieve and fight more to be successful. Living on less than the dole can be annoying at times but I'm making more profit every year and I'm hoping this year will see us make a 'standard wage'… I say us because without Hannah Marie Dixon,  Joe Thompson, Adam Kennedy, Mark Lofthouse and everyone else keeping me going on a day to day basis I would go mad. Also my Twitter followers are so helpful, all the retweets and reviews really help! Hannah often sees me lay in bed sending emails and not paying her the attention she deserves but she 'gets it' and understand my drive and passion for Lambchop Creative and it's great to have the support. Please keep telling your friends about me and Lambchop and encourage them to order logos, posters, business cards from me. Have a great weekend everyone. Thank you.

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