The Hottest Home Décor Trends For 2018

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Were you one of the millions of people who rolled out of bed on January 1st and thought: “New Year, new me”?

Putting an ambitious plan of action together for the year ahead is a good idea in theory, but sticking to these resolutions can be tricky. Before we can change ourselves, we need to change our environment.

There are some seriously exciting home décor trends set to pop up in 2018, helping you set the scene perfectly for a transformative year.

Bolder colours

We’ve been heavily leaning towards minimalist interiors and metallic, neutral colour schemes for the past few years, but 2018 will see interiors go bold again. Expect thick shades of violet and emerald green to spread out across living rooms, mainly in the form of furnishings like sofas and chairs.

Rich, exultant colours will also blossom in bedroom spaces, although metallic products will continue to remain apparent in kitchen and dining areas and as side-table ornaments.

Dark, brooding woods

As fabric brightens in 2018, interior woods will turn darker. Rich, deep brown, brooding woods are set to be the top choice for fitted furniture like wardrobes and storage units, complete with a glossy sheen that suffuses interiors with just the right tinge of opulence.

Dark shades are a favoured choice for chairs and tables too, along with cabinets and shelves propped up in living spaces.

Multicultural influences

Over 2018, we’ll see a gradual increase of multicultural influences in home interiors, borrowed from all corners of the planet. So if you love to travel, it’s time to bring some inspiration into your home.

There’s set to be a surge in use of simplistic European-style wicker furniture that evokes a “back to basics” feel, as well as a wider selection of wildly-patterned throws, bedsheets and carpets you might find in the eastern hemisphere.

Lush green prints

Green will be present in the bedrooms and bathrooms as well as living spaces throughout 2018 – adding a lush, calming zest to bedsheets and towels.

People are more preoccupied with health and wellbeing than ever these days, and deluxe green shades have been shown to be one of the most soothing yet stimulating colours for the human mind.

Both botanical and tropical prints will also appear on pillows and crockery, complemented by the sporadic positioning of green house plants.

Revamp your home for 2018 with Hartleys

The Hartleys team would be delighted to help you instil any of these trends in your home, offering essential support for creating a wonderfully attractive interior. We specialise in providing tailored solutions for every client, supplying everything from traditional bedroom furniture to bespoke wardrobes to fitted home office furniture.

Give us a call on 01756 700471 or visit our Skipton showroom to find out more about how we can help. You can get also get in touch using our contact form.


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