The Importance of Lighting in Your Home

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Light and shade is a concept that’s tossed around a lot when discussing how something looks. It’s usually used in the metaphorical sense i.e. when to tone back, and when to accentuate a feature to its full potential. But when we’re talking about home furnishing, light and shade becomes a lot more literal, without losing any of its centrality to a balanced aesthetic.

How you light your home has a definite effect on how you feel in it. The following points should form a rough guide as to what works where, and how you can get an artful glow that doesn’t eat up your electricity bill . . .

Food for Thought

The kitchen is a good starting point because it’s tricky to get right. LED lighting is extremely popular, but a ‘warm’ white light will be too subdued on a surface of porcelain or marble. ‘Cool’ white LEDs are more suited to the modern kitchen, where they can glimmer off minimalist surfaces and lend plenty of vision for cooking and washing up.

Having lights fixed under your cupboards and drawers is always a winner. A nice attention-grabbing lampshade, though, above the table, will set the scene for after-dinner intimacy, drawing you and your guests together under a benevolent shine.

Getting Comfortable

Entertainment probably kicks off in your living room, which means you are honour-bound to make people feel at ease as much as you can. Wall-mounted bulbs are excellent to spread light around evenly while retaining differences in shade.

Reading lamps are crucial if you actually spend more time in there than simply watching TV. One or two, at opposite ends to one another, will highlight other parts of your lifestyle. Mount them on a desk if you’re going traditional, or plump for a larger option if you want one that’s adjustable and cranes over you for reading.

Hitting the Hay

Your bed is a chamber for your own very personal tastes. Lighting in this room shouldn’t have to appeal to everyone, but it has to calm you down when you most need it, and accustom you to darkness before you drift off.

An over-bed fitted storage unit with down lights is a marvellous solution, especially when you have a dimmer switch to play around with the ambience. Pair with a bedside lamp, and you’ll have complete control over your lighting on a night. Dressing dilemmas are eliminated with lighting in bespoke wardrobes at a high reach, for the times you can’t decide whether this top or the other is more suitable.  

Light is life, and you have to consider what surfaces, materials and colours your lighting is cast against for the effect you’re after. When that bulb in your head switches on, you’ll quickly discover the perfect lighting arrangement that suits your home.

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