The Perennial Question: Freestanding Or Fitted Furniture?

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Interior design is incredibly subjective, and the decision on whether to go for freestanding or fitted furniture items can cause lively debate in a household. These approaches are subtly different, yet there are definite advantages to each, which may direct your decorative plans one way or another.

As we pride ourselves on having some of the best experience for transforming a room with either strategy, we thought we’d weigh in on the debate, showing you where your natural proclivities might lie…

The all-in-one approach

Many interiors have various themes running from room to room. Simple touches, from colour palettes to features that have a particular, unifying shape, can distinguish parts of your home and spice up the ordinary. Bespoke furniture can really enforce a code of aesthetic ‘togetherness’, seeing as it’s mapped to the exact perimeters of your space.

Storage pieces, like drawers and hand-painted wardrobes, can jut and loop around whatever dimensions you think would look striking, or be simply practical when there are other items to contend with. A themed design is often easier to achieve with fitted rooms, rather than trying to pair freestanding wardrobes with assorted shelves and drawers.

Raising your price tag

Although fitted bedrooms can cast a spell on guests and family members, there’s even greater potential for impressing people once you decide to up sticks. Homes that come with a treasure trove of furniture sealed in place are doubly attractive for prospective buyers; they’ll appreciate any unique additions to call their own, and the market price of your property will justify a significant jump.

What’s more, every inch of your rooms will have a cohesive feel, as if nothing has been wasted. Contemporary bedroom furniture, for example, can create a stunning impression if a few rows of thin, black and white shelves cascade like a staircase above your pillows, with an adjacent pair of lights to brighten the back wall. All of this will let a buyer imagine themselves moving in right then and there.

Moving swiftly on

Bespoke fitted options are great, and imminently suited to your tastes, but they don’t follow you everywhere. Perhaps the one drawback of fitted furniture is the necessity for leaving it behind when you move on from a property.

Freestanding items, on the other hand, can be carried and dismantled, moved to and fro from one place to another. That’s why, if you are going down the fitted route, you need to be absolutely sure you’re investing in something that’ll be inspirational for years to come. Otherwise, individual items tailored to your taste might be more suitable.

At Hartleys, we specialise in both freestanding and fitted furniture, and we’re always happy to advise our customers on the best options for their homes. There’s little we don’t know about bringing an interior to life, so get in touch for a chat, or visit our showroom for ideas to get your creative cogs humming. We’re sure we’d be a good fit for you!  

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