The ‘C’ Word and being unique with your seasonal marketing

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Yes, it's October but those in the marketing/design industrusies have probably been working on Christmas related material since July.

So my question is, how will you be unque this year?

Have you got a partiduclar theme you go with as a business that you work into your festive marketing, a particular way of getting a message out to your clients or just keep it traditional with a Christmas Card.

It's all down to individual taste, budget and in many respects what marketing strategy you may have in place.

Christmas Cards – good for short and large runs and a variety of sizes and shapes to fit in with existing brand/marketing.

Email message – festive and tailored email work into an onging campaign.

Bespoke gifts – particully useful depending on your industy type and if you're aware of information within the businesses you deal with.

Make it personal – throw out the rule book and come up with something a bit left field (approaprate) but something to leave a smile.

For the business we tried something new a few years ago which even now is a talking point, so have decided to do an adaptation for 2015/16 and will share when it will be sent out to a bunch of you lovely lot.

Bring on the music, the drink, the food, the warmth of the season and rock your business with the jingle of good times and hopes for 2016.


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