This is the day…

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As a business owner, I wake up every day thinking 'this is the day' life will surely change. Its not a pipe dream, its a mission. No, I'm not talking about becoming mega rich or famous. I'm just talking about making my dream come true.  Rather than going off on one about my hopes and dreams, I thought it better just to write how this is something we all do, isn't it?

So, what inspires us to strive for our dreams? Who do we look up to for inspiration?

Personally, I look within myself. The only person who can truly inspire you is you. Yes, people make an impact, after all I admire Branson, Gates, Berners-Lee, etc, etc. But, they're just people. Like us. Who inspired them? Who inspired the people that inspired them? You see what I'm getting at?

Inspiration comes from within. We dictate our hopes and dreams. Our goals are achievable. The journey to reaching them is paved with obstacles. We just have to learn how to overcome them and to fight on.

So, why am I airing these views? Well, some days I find motivation and inspiration lacking. I 'just get on with it' without thinking about the goal. The problem is, too many days can fly by before we realise 'if we're not closer to our dream now, one thing is for sure, we're closer to the end of our days on planet Earth. Morbid? Nah. Fact, yes.

So, when I wake up tomorrow, I'll focus on my dream. The goal. The prize. The reason I'm here. And I'll press on with vigour, determination and might.

How about you?




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