Tips for Decorating Your Hallway

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Hallways can be one of the most overlooked areas in your home when it comes to interior design. However, it is the first area that you see when you come home and it’s also the place that installs the first impression of your home in your guests. So, here are some great ideas to help you make your hallway the best it can be.


If your home has quote a long hallway, make it a little interesting by playing with textures on the walls, floor or even the ceiling. Maybe, try decorating the walls in a neutral textural wallpaper and perhaps choose a colour for the ceilings that matches the furniture or accessories in your hallway to bring it all together.




Mirrors in hallways are great for both functional and decorative purposes. It will instantly make the room look bigger especially for narrow hallways and it also reflects light to the area. For decorative reasons, choose a distressed mirror for character and to bring a unique personality in your hallway.


Grade II Listed, Hertfordshire Home - Part I




Choose a striking floor for a compelling hallway. Hallways don’t have to be boring and dull – When your guests enter your house, give them a preview of what else is inside your home so they are prepared to be wowed even more as they move through your house by installing a flooring or rug that makes them say 'wow'.





Why not be bold and opt for dark coloured walls. Not only is it very different from a standard hallway, whereby people choose décor to create a bright ambiance. You can work in a lighter colour for the ceiling, floor and furniture to soften it. Continue to run the interest by adding a rug that runs through a fascinating set-up at the end of the hall and make it, even more, inviting for you and your guests.


Vintage Chic



Nothing can catch anyone’s eye more than antique and traditional pieces of décor. They exude expense and style – the perfect impression to give when friends and family knock on the door. Why not try arranging install an ornate mirror or some antique furniture for an enchanting welcome.


Traditional Dallas Residence


For tiny hallways, all you need to make it notable some a wonderful wallpaper. Choose something light in colour so it’ll make the hallway appear larger. Why not try a subtle floral design or light geometric patterns to add some extra interest and texture to your walls. Pair it up with a simple or make a louder statement with a mirrored table.

Beautifully Burligame

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