Top 10 handmade gifts for Women

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So you want to make her feel special and show her that you appreciate everything she does – right? Well why not treat her to something as unique as she is? Something handmade with love, that someone has put their heart and soul into making. To help you, we have hand-picked a collection of our top 10 handmade gifts for women.

Discover unique and wonderfully made modern jewellery, from detailed sterling silver pieces with original nature photography, to minimal yet elegant pieces… And for those who like to make a statement, some chunky resin jewellery.

How about beautiful and classy lace lingerie specifically designed to give comfort and celebrate a woman’s natural curves. Make her feel special just being herself. With lace lingerie underneath and a stylish bold printed silk scarf on top, she will feel a million dollars no matter how tough the day is.

Explore our range of beauty products and accessories including ethical and chemical free skincare products and botanical perfumes. Need something to put them in? How about a screen printed make-up bag which also doubles up as an evening clutch bag. And after the party it’s time to R – E – L – A – X – treat her to a good restful nights sleep with a gorgeous silk eye-mask.

All of these wonderfully handmade gifts will certainly guarantee the lady in your life something special that she won’t be expecting.


Cornflower blue lingerie bralett…


Sold By Brighton Lace

Gold Glitter Pouch, Party Zip Pu…


Sold By Laura Danby


Art Deco Fanfan Luxury Scarf


Sold By Cinda Clark


Teal Statement Earrings – …


Sold By Shutter Jewellery


Aquamarine Resin Ring


Sold By Gem Lettuce Jewellery


Statement oval hoops


Sold By Studio Adorn

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Bath …


Sold By Shaloah Skincare


Persian Garden Solid Perfume …


Sold By Ink and Ocean Botanicals


ORIGINS open sterling silver cuf…




Rhino Silk Eye Mask


Sold By 20 Seventh Letter

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