Tree Huggers & son’s Founding tree surgeon, Drew Patterson wins the Woodland Trust Tree Of The Year & Representing the UK came 6th in European Tree Of The Year.

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The little Hawthorn Tree at Kippford pictured by #sbs winner Drew Patterson of Tree Hugger & Son Tree Services Limited has recieved the most votes to win the coveted title of UK Tree of the year organised yearly by The Woodland Trust.

Drew was absolutely gob smacked & totally humbled with the public response to his amateur picture taken whilst holidaying in South west Scotland.

Drew P nominated the tree as it was a tree & place his family had visited for 58 years and infact so did his father, grandfather & great grandfather who were all born & brought up their.

With all of my family having passed now the little Tree, known as Kippfords Leaning Tree, is pretty special to me anyway, not just because I’m a tree surgeon but for the fond memories I hold dear associated with it & my ancestral home which is Dumfries & Galloway Scotland.

The tree was later entered as the UK entry by the Woodland Trust in the European Tree Of The Year competition and out of 16 excellent entries came 6th with just over 31000 votes. The winner was Polands nominated Oak tree with 180000 votes.


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