#TwitterGeek and proud!

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The social media journey for the business just keeps on getting interesting!

Way back in 2013 I had a Sunday brain wave (yes it's a tad cliche saying that given I'm now posting in #SBS) but as the business main account @AquaDesignGroup had reached a certain follower lever, Andy @ADG_IQ was growing steadily and the other networking account @BIzLunchNetwork (now shut down and turned to my personal account @ADG_Moore) all were doing good and with a combined following of over 20,000 it struck me … I'm a #TwitterGeek!

So then next day produced the graphic for #TwitterGeek and thought nothing of it for a few weeks and got on with other work. For fun decided to post on Twitter and the response was very interesting, even resulted in 3 new clients off the back of it. So with new found vigor decided to produce a #TwitterGeekette graphic and produce a range of promotional goodies for both (not to miss an opportunity) and starting spreading the word.

I'll freely admit that as a business and personally I've never been good at Facebook, the business has only had its own Business Page for a year and some of the Facebook groups politics can be more hassle than it's worth, so when I was recently added to a new group I thought nothing of it. Introduced myself with my Facebook page link and didn't think about it for a few hours. Decided to revisit the same group in the early evening and just for fun posted the #TwitterGeek & #TwitterGeekette goodies photos.

This is where the fun begins, with 10 minutes had five positive comments and 2 requests to re-post on Twitter so they could retweet it for me which I did. This led to 5 retweets and then another 5 followed (always happy with a retweet count higher than 5) but then the combined retweeting of all the accounts was to over 100,000 followers. Nearly fell off my chair.

Think it just goes to prove that if you hit the right zeitgeist and network amazing things can happen.

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