Vocal Exercise CDs on sale

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I initially created my Singing Exercise CDs for students wanting to keep up the daily exercises between lessons, but found that the reach and need appealed to a much wider audience, including Professional Speakers, Magicians, Actors, Voiceover Actors, Presenter and the novice right through to professional singers.
At less than a third of the price of my hourly rate, you get full access of me guiding you through my ‘go to’ exercises (with separate practise tracks) ! That’s surely a win/win situation. And love seeing and hearing the proven results from having this ‘pocket ready’ resource for anyone to benefit from!
💿 – Available to buy as old school CDs (+ postage and packaging)
🎵 – Electronic #MP3 Download Copies of-course also available
❤️ – Email info@marikarauscher.co.uk to purchase

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