We love Nutty Putty at The Bear and Miss Rabbit

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Why we love Nutty Putty

We first spotted Nutty Putty from Alphabet Pie at Spring Fair earlier this year.

Our arts and crafts range is one of our best sellers. I also have 2 young children who love to get creative. After spotting this, I thought this would be an ideal addition to our range.

When is it available?

Nutty Putty from Alphabet Pie was launched in the UK in April 2015. The full range of Nutty Putty is now listed on our website.

Nutty Putty in the UK

What is it?


Nutty Putty 8 Colours

How to describe it….um…well..it comes in individually zipped packs. It is squidgy and glossy, not hard; so easy for little hands to work with.

20150328_124731    20150328_124324

It is essential to use it on the playmat provided otherwise it will stick to other surfaces, but on the playmat, it is easy to roll it, cut it and mould it.

It is a delight to work with as it doesn’t dry out. You can also easily stick colours on top of each other to create unique designs.


20150328_131451 20150328_131447 20150328_124734

You can also bake it!

20150328_13303920150328_125815 20150328_125809

The sets are full of ideas on things to create, or you can use your own imaginations. Once you have created your designs, you can pop them on the baking sheet provided, and bake them in the oven for 10 minutes. This then creates a permanent ‘toy’ to play with!

Then the fun continues…

Baked Nutty Putty is smooth, bendy and a bit bouncy! It even sticks to windows! You can therefore let your imaginations run riot with creating decorations, a set of numbers for learning, the alphabet and more besides!

20150328_145112      20150328_132434

You could also use this to create keyrings, or jewellery using the accessories set, or anything you can think of! Or check out the Nutty Putty videos for inspiration!


20150328_150012            20150328_145034

Feedback from the Product Testers

The Bear (5) and Miss Rabbit (3) loved this! They created some glow in the dark stars for their bedroom windows, trees, people and more! They loved the fact they were able to so this themselves and that they could make whatever they wanted. They particularly liked the fact that they could bake it to keep it forever. A real hit in our house and I am sure it will be in yours to!


Zipper packs


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