We Promise Not To Melt Your Face! 5 Reasons for a Chemical Peel

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5 reasons you need a chemical peel

You’ve got fine wrinkles caused by sun damage and ageing

Let’s be honest: we all love the sun. Some more than others, but we all feel happier when the sun is shining. We also have this desire to roast ourselves in the pursuit of beauty (spoiler: skin colour has nothing to do with beauty). While some amount of sunshine is healthy too much can lead to premature aging and worse. A chemical peel can’t help with the latter (make sure you wear your suncream year round!), but it will help with the signs of ageing.

You’ve got mild scars

Whether you suffered with acne as a teenager (or adult), or have had facial injuries or surgery in the past you are likely to have some scarring visible. It doesn’t bother everybody but if you feel self conscious about scars on your face then a chemical peel might be able to help. However, bear in mind that deep scars will probably never disappear and certainly won’t really benefit from a chemical peel unless it’s a medical grade one performed by doctor. Having said that, a superficial peel at your local skincare clinic or beauty salon with a trained professional can help improve the appearance of mild scars.

You’ve got pigmentation

Freckles, age spots, random dark patches (melasma, common in pregnancy). Our skin is a glorious mix of colours, but not always the way we like it. We celebrate all skin tones and colours in our salon but understand that for some people uneven skin can be distressing. A chemical peel CAN help as it provides a deep level of exfoliation but it requires consistency and a rigorous homecare regimen to manage your skin afterwards. One chemical peel is not going to make any difference, but a course of them will alongside daily use of sun protection (all year round) and supported with appropriate products. Best to note however that hyperpigmentation will GET DARKER before it gets lighter following a chemical peel.

You never remember to exfoliate

We’re all busy. So busy that sometimes our skincare regimen at home suffers. From experience often the first bit to be ditched is exfoliation. If you are one of the many people out there who can’t remember the last time you exfoliated, a chemical peel might be worth considering to kick start your skin again. Is your skin dull, lifeless? Skin cell turnover slows down as we age so regular exfoliation is vital to promote bright, glowing, youthful skin.

You want glowing skin in time for Summer

If none of the above applies to you but you still think your skin could do with a pick me up then try a chemical peel. This time of year is perfect to invest in a course of professional treatments, or if you’re on a budget try the new at-home peel available in the salon. We can guarantee that by the summer you will see and feel a difference in your skin. It won’t melt your face off. It won’t take 10 years off. It won’t recontour your face. But it will give you a beautiful glow. What better holiday present to yourself can you think than happy, healthy, sparkly skin!

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