We’re offering free artwork to small businesses affected by Covid-19

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Since the networking event in Feb, we've been working behind the scenes updating our website and decided to create a physical print collection of our artwork including greeting cards and novelty scratch cards. We spent a lot of money buying a printer and supplies…then lockdown hit and we decided it wasn't right to announce our new collection and to starting posting orders. (Fortunately we have full time jobs outside of our business so we weren' replying on the business as an income)


Since we're not posting our artwork in lockdown, we've decided to offer free digital artwork (digital files only) to small businesses that have been affected by Covid-19. Maybe you need a new logo or artwork for your packaging or social media pages etc.

Also to cheer up keyworkers we'll create custom/personalised artwork. To read more about this and to sign up please visit this page on our website.

Stay safe everyone and stay at home !!

To support our small business you can;

  • Like and follow our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Invite friends to like our social media pages and visit our website
  • Buy digital artwork from our shop (digital only files at the moment)

Dave & Sarah

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