What Is A Stillage?

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What is a stillage?

Despite being one of the UK’s largest stillage manufacturers, we appreciate that for many people in manufacturing, and in business generally, a stillage is not part of the day to day language; many of our clients have never heard of a stillage before coming to us to source one on behalf of their organisation. As such, we wanted to give a brief introduction to the #SBS website readers about what a stillage is, and what we do!

We have provided a brief outline of what a stillage actually is below. Numerous pictures of the different types of stillage available can be viewed elsewhere on our website, and it should also be noted that there are a huge range of stillage available – including specific designs for use with tyres or glass for instance.


What are stillages?

Stillages are specifically tailored pallets or skids which offer some sort of support which has been tailored to the material they are intended to carry – for instance extruded profile in the case of profile stillages. Many stillages utilise a cage, or solid sides, and it is common for them to be stackable. Others also have specific types of finish – such as galvanisation to ensure durability, or coasters to allow for easy movement.

Often, stillages are used to transport goods safely and without damage – and to ease the process of loading and unloading large numbers of products to transfer them to another truck, or from a truck to a warehouse for instance. A good example of this is the glass industry, where A-frame stillages are often used to support sheets of glass for transport. The glass is strapped to the A-frame, which leans inward, and can then be transported with less likelihood of the sheets breaking or being cracked.

Another common use for stillages is as a bin or recycling unit – essentially a large metal box (with or without a lid) which industrial refuse can be collected and easily removed at a later date.

Our focus is large production runs of industrial stillages, usually made from steel and often involving bespoke design and manufacture. We regularly work for some of the UK’s largest companies – including major automotive producers and manufacturers in other sectors, as well as logistics or haulage companies. Our experience means we are able to produce a stillage for any application – and we may well have already done so in the past!

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