Whatever you do… Don’t forget the other half !

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First off, a big hello to all, those of you I met at last weeks event and those that I didn't… What a day that was ;o)

We all work hard, some of us, like myself are lucky enough (or unlucky enough ;o) to run our business alongside the one that we love. Working alongside the missus or the fella means that they understand the hours, dedication and the fact that you are only in bed for 2 hours a night, that yes, you really are working late yet again and not actually off out living it up with some floozy till the early hours.

For those of you who that don't work alongside your lover, then your partner must be one of the long suffering type that always supports you and understands that the only passion you are capable of after a tough day, is when you talk about the big order that you are on the verge of. To these wonderful people, we need to say thanks, especially on Valentines Day, because if you don’t… Well, you’re probably in big trouble aren't you.

We'd like to help you do this with our first #SBS offer of 30% off our Valentines cards. 

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Our cards are available personalised, can be printed with your choice of wording inside and out. We can eve send direct to a recipient, wrapped, boxed and tied with a bow… Just to make it that little bit more special.

We have a wide range with super luxe, high end designs right through to simple printed designs, like the little treats below.

Gold plated necklace cards with a cool print

Necklace Valentines cards
















Bang on trend geometric prints

Geometric scrabble print cards

















and everything inbetween…. Even lobsters.

You're my lobster Valentines card

















See the full range here and use the code SBSLOVE at checkout to receive your discount.


So, yes we know that work is important…. But so is love, so go on, take some time out on Valentines Day and show them you care and hey, if you don’t have another half… Go crazy. Send someone a card and make them smile, you never know where it might lead.

Happy romancing.


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