When Is It A Good Idea To Employ Fitted Furniture?

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There are plenty of good reasons to secure furniture in your home, from helping boost productivity to allowing you to claw back space. But such a big transformation to your interior requires time and effort, so it’s understandably easy to put off. To help you move forward with your plans we’ve put together a few scenarios which illustrate that now is the time to employ fitted furniture in your home.

Children’s bedrooms

The kids might not take up too much space, but their possessions certainly do. The number of toys and trivia easily fill up the bedroom and becomes a trip hazard as well as a zone of frustration. And that’s when they have been cleared away!

Rather than stacking toy boxes on the floor, store them in bespoke low units room for easy access and the tops can be used as play surfaces. Above the bed storage is useful too for lighter items, such as clothing, bedding and towels. . You can fix cupboards up high, creating a completely clutter-free zone on the floor. Your children won’t be able to reach them either, meaning they won’t be emptying them when they’re supposed to be asleep!

Irregularly shaped rooms

Rooms that are an odd shape can appear to have almost as little space as a small bedroom, but this isn’t generally the case. The architectural features that give the home such character can actually provide a significant amount of space, if used in the right way.

You can exploit sloping ceilings, such as in loft conversions, or alcoves by slotting bespoke furniture into these areas. Or you can fix fitted wardrobes where beams usually limit your space. For a chimney breast, this can be concealed by placing cabinets on either side. The seamless fit of this furniture ensures they never detract from the decor of your home.

Spare rooms

Perhaps it’s not a bedroom’s floor space or shape that is the issue, but the fact it’s used for more than one purpose. If you have a multi-purpose space that provides a place for guests to sleep occasionally, but also functions as a home study, the bed and office items will likely get in the way when not in use.

A way around this is to take advantage of space-saving ideas such as a pull down bed or desk, which foldaway seamlessly, allowing your spare space to be multifunctional, and saving it from turning into a junk room.

Making use of fitted furniture

Fitted furniture moulds perfectly into the shape of your interior, providing effective storage for your lifestyle and your space. Reducing the build-up of clutter (and the associated stress) means a tidy room which optimises all available space and is completely unique to your home.

Hartleys can help you make use of bespoke furniture to get the most from your redundant space. We offer tailored design advice so that your interior looks the best it can be. You can request a visit for us to get to know your property and your requirements; then we can accurately recommend the type and amount of storage you need.

To discover how we could help you employ fitted furniture in your home, call us on 01756 700471. If you’d like to see our fitted and freestanding furniture ranges for yourself, we welcome you to visit our Yorkshire showroom.

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