When your customers become advocates.

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Derek is one of our most regular customers and our newest model, and he will be showing off our new men’s range for spring and summer! He has been brave enough to share his story with us and explain a bit about why the clothes from CAPR-Style have been so useful for him.

Following a major operation in 2012 he was in hospital for 15 weeks. In this time he had two strokes which made his left side weak and Derek became incontinent. It completely changed his life as he now spends much of his time using a wheelchair.

Not only did Derek suffer a loss of control with incontinence, and have the need for firstly a catheter then nappies and pads, but with traditional clothing he was left feeling like his suffering was very apparent.

Derek came up to Edinburgh to explore our fabulous city and test and model some of our new clothing styles. His input was incredibly useful for us to hear how the styles fit and feel and also to get some photographs of the clothing “in action”. We were lucky enough to have blue skies the first day and got a few photographs perfect to show our spring/summer collection.

Our body vests are designed to fit around nappies or pads discreetly, Derek was a big fan of our new designs, one which includes a polo-shirt neckline: “a big thank you for sending my vests they are first class and fit 100% and cover all I need to be covered. The cut is great, thank you so much. Also have to say…there is room to move without pulling at the legs. Again a big thank you.”

We also created side opening trousers for him so dressing and undressing was made much easier. However, he was worried that these would “look adapted”. Our design offers hidden snap fasteners, and having met with friends their feedback was very positive: “The side opening trousers are brill, I’ve been wearing them non-stop and my friend says you can’t tell they open down the side.”

Derek has been a great addition to CAPR-Style as he gives extensive feedback, helping us to better our garments. He has also recommended us to many people in person and online. We’re looking forward to future photoshoots with him later in the year.

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