Why A Fitted Kid’s Bedroom Is Top Of The Class!

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The advantages of bespoke bedrooms are writ large in our interior style bibles. Wherever you turn, there’s a fist pump for fitted bedroom furniture, especially in terms of its unique and lasting value to a home.

But children’s rooms seem to be left out of the conversation. It’s a puzzle, as the same benefits – distinctive areas, hidden storage, a smarter use of space – are even more transformative in a child’s personal habitat.

Let us outline why we think fitted furniture for the younger set wins top marks every time:

Every kid has their niche

When we’re small, our personalities are irrepressible. Children are fiercely loyal to the stuff they like or take an interest in. If the bedroom is a co-share, why not consider how to make their own ‘wedge’ of the space relevant to each of them, so there’s no sense of being left out?

This can be achieved with fitted furniture that adapts to your children, one at a time. You may, for example, add a walk-in dresser for your daughter or a hollowed-out cranny for your son’s TV/console.

Individual storage boxes are great for housing separate toys, bags or school wear. If your child is fond of play mats and board games, then fit a unit that’s wide and low to the floor. The opposite kind of lidded box – as in, taller and thinner – would serve cricket bats, archery kit, or any other hobby equipment specific to its owner.

Technology isn’t an eyesore

These days, children are apt to have a PC or laptop to themselves; an array of screens and games machines, and chargers to power them all. Such amenities can make for a messy, cable-ridden room – unless you have bespoke bedroom furniture to tuck it all away.

Hide a television behind a set of double doors in the wall; inside, you can install shelves for their DVDs and controls. Wiring for monitors, hardware and standing lamps is far easier to hide when you cut the right proportions into a fitted furniture piece. Everything just slots together.

Also, think about those charging cables: your child might have four or five on constant rotation. By building a line of sockets in the wall or floor – masked, of course, by a cover flap – they have a single access point that doesn’t spoil the room’s aesthetic.

Bunk beds can be brilliant

One set of four walls, and several children, usually adds up to a bunk bed purchase. Aside from saving on space, you can craft a personalised level to each child’s bunk, again fostering the impression that the bedroom is for them.

The shelves, for instance, can be shaped to a particular theme, or have varying geometrics to cater for your child’s things. An art fiend might fall in love with her pencil, paint and sketchbook storage, whilst readers can appreciate a mini bookshelf that holds their classics right where they sleep.

Bespoke bedroom furniture is on the rise – an encouraging trend, most certainly, for the look and feel of your child’s favourite place in the world. Call Hartleys Bedrooms on 01756 700471 or visit our showroom in Skipton to uncover the delights of a fitted interior…


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