Why ‘Doughnut’ Is The Must-Have Colour Scheme For Your Home!

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Yes, really! Unless you’ve come across the ‘doughnut’ trend before, seeing it on palette idea lists will probably leave you puzzled – but bear with us…

We’re betting that the sugary rings with coloured icing and sprinkles on top are something you’re trying to avoid – for both your and your kids’ health. Yet they’ve inspired something that’s great for you: a fantastic interior look.Doughnut pastel selection colour scheme

Join us as we explore why you simply can’t afford to miss out on this trend, and how to easily incorporate it.

Choosing the doughnut colour scheme

It’s all too easy to get bored of your home’s appearance – especially when (more often than not) the current styles feature daring primary colours and deep neutrals. But so much effort goes in to redecorating and replacing furnishings and accessories with ones that match a new colour scheme – and then of course there’s the cost!

The doughnut style, however, doesn’t trigger a need for change after the fad has passed. The warm pastel shades are actually quite timeless. By choosing this colour scheme, you’ll have a space that stays looking fresh year after year.

Pick your paletteValspar Paints Doughnut decor collection

If you’ve decided to adopt this look in your home, you will then have to think about the shades to use. There’s not a simple five-colour palette for this one – you’ve actually got a choice of over 2,000! But you don’t have to spend too much time looking at colour charts, because we’ve narrowed it down to a few that are proving Pinterest-worthy.

Take a look at Valspar Paints’ doughnut collection at https://www.valsparpaint.co.uk/be-inspired/colour-trends/colours-trends-doughnut-decor/. There are the pinkish shades Peach Syrup and Berry Gelato, which are particularly ideal for window shutters if you have them. Cupboards currently white? Clementine Crème is perfect for adding a burst of colour to a modern kitchen. Painting your walls in Blueberry Mash is a real attention-grabber too, though if you need something a little more subtle, the pastel green shade of Pistachio Cookie will work well.Valspar Paint Doughnut pallet

Finish with furnishings

Once you have your fixtures coated in these shades, you’ll then want to pay attention to your furnishings. Pick basic pieces like chairs and tables, and layer them in tones of the doughnut palette. Hand-painted furniture could show off tones like teal and aqua green or saturated pink.

To truly embrace the doughnut scheme, you can complement your choices with a glitter paint. Gold, silver or copper are especially fantastic for drawing the eye to various parts of the room and making your interior sparkle.

You can also pick out items that already flaunt the doughnut trend and accentuate them. For example, you could achieve a chocolate doughnut look by selecting a couch in a shade of ginger or reddish brown. This could then be accompanied with cushions and throws in colours such as delicate beige, coral and mint green.

Doughnut inspired freestanding wardrobesWhilst the doughnut palette will make your home look aesthetically pleasing, you might still have a problem: storage space. Inconvenient architectural features can make you feel frustrated in your own home. Thankfully, there is the option of fitted furniture. And this too can be given a lick of doughnut-coloured paint, blending in perfectly.

Need a helping hand deciding on the perfect pieces and successfully displaying this trend? Hartleys is happy to provide it. We’ll assist you with clawing back space in your home, and provide bespoke creative and design advice so that every decision is tailored to your interior.

Simply call our team on 01756 700471 or request a design visit. There’s also the option to see our bespoke furniture up close at our showroom in Yorkshire.

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