Why Hire a Copywriter?

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Don’t let weak writing lose you business

The written content of a website is so often over-looked. The design and graphics of a website is what consumers notice first, and a great deal of the time this will be the deciding factor as to how much time and attention they are going to give to a website.

This leads to the common assumption then that the written content of a website is, firstly, unimportant, and secondly, can be written by any one who has ever passed a spelling test at school. After all, your website looks flashy, so why worry too much about the text?

These reasons for hiring a copywriter can be applied to all forms of copy:

More than just spelling and grammar

Although people don’t read the content of the website as much as we would like, as long as your design has caught their attention, they will eventually read it. You have come this far with your online content, don’t lose them with weak writing.

A good copywriter will consider all aspects of your business. They will write about it in a way that will persuade your target audience that what you’re offering is not just what they want, but what they need. A good copywriter will produce content quickly, with a focus on developing a high conversion rate, and they will aim to boost your ranking in search engines, using first rate SEO throughout.

Contemplating the content

Before we rush in to getting the words down, us copywriters spend time thoroughly researching everything we need. We will look at your competitors to see how they are succeeding. If they’re doing better than you, we will work out how and seek to improve that through your written content. We will look at analytics, and we will take on board all the information you have given us. We’ll even dig for more information from you if we think something will improve the content strategy of your website. This combination of dedicated research and analysis helps us increase and accordingly direct the traffic of your website.

A fresh pair of eyes

Understandably, you may be hesitant to hire a copywriter, because who knows your business better than you, right? To an extent this is true. But you’re with your business all day, and if you’re self-employed, often all night. You’re so consumed by the running of your business, that you’re often blind to what an outsider can see as glaringly obvious. You’re still watching the kettle boil, whilst an outsourced copywriter is making a cup of tea.

It’s okay to not be the best at marketing your business. You’ve built an all-whistles-and-bells website, and you have an amazing product – cut yourself some slack. As humans we can’t possibly do everything 100% perfectly. Sometimes we try any way, and in the case of written content, it can result in text that is more business-focussed than customer-focussed, and customer-focused is the key. The customer is your number one priority, and the content needs to be constantly relevant to them.

You do what you do, and we’ll write copy

You might have a dozen novels published, or you might write the minutes for the local school committee. Be proud of these skills, but also be aware that, like these, the professional role of a copywriter requires it’s own skill set. Writer or not, your field is one you have explored the ins and outs of, and writing for marketing purposes also requires experience, and an understanding of a completely new set of rules. When we write, we write with a completely unique approach. We consider things in our writing that no one else considers. We lose sleep over the exact length of a sentence, the speed and rhythm of how a piece of text reads, and whether business would be increased if we used five hundred words instead of five hundred and ten words.

With so much to do, it can be hard to find the time to sit down and write the content you need. You may also find it taking longer than planned, and as a result, other areas of your business are being neglected, and profits are flailing. At this point, hiring someone to do the job quickly and effectively becomes more worth your while, and worth your money.

Make every word count

As I mentioned earlier, you’ve come so far, you have an amazing, attractive, navigable, and brilliantly functioning website. Don’t back-track now with writing that doesn’t do it justice. A sudden, unexpected lack of quality like this can lose a customer or client’s trust. Every single word is as important as the last, from your landing page to your contact form, from your menu to your testimonials.

A professional copywriter, trained in the art of word mastery, can be the difference between losing and increasing business. You owe it to your customers and clients, and you owe it to yourself to make every word count.

Do you have a project that needs a bit or word wizardry? Find out more about my services at www.richardthomascopywriting.co.uk


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