Why Room Dividers Are Worth Your Undivided Attention

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So much of interior design is centred on the spacious, flexible feel of your home. It’s the principle behind minimalism, with its sparse lines, pale/black colour tones, and open-plan living areas. Beneath the obvious culprits, however, lies another solution – one that can make your interior much more spontaneous.

Room dividers are a smart, unobtrusive extra for a home that shifts with your preferences, depending on what the moment calls for. Follow us through the doors of perception, and out again, as we explain why dividers cut the fuss from multi-purpose rooms.

An instant sense of privacy

Room dividers do just what they claim to. Whether you have a set of screen doors, a wooden partition or curtain rail, the whole point is to segment one space from another. Sometimes, we want to be enclosed, which isn’t always predicated by your design blueprint. Dividers allow for swift, easy shutout between rooms, supressing noise and shielding you from prying eyes.

When might this be used, you ask? Well, consider a multi-purpose space, like a kitchen/dining arrangement. A dinner host may want to couch their cooking in mystery, without offers of help from the guests at the table. Or you might have a modest apartment lounge that’s literally feet away from your bed; shuttering the former from the latter means you can sleep in privacy, distinguishing your floorplan.

A visual organiser 

As a homeowner, you’ll be used to keeping your property as tidy as you can, and delineating where each accessory/furnishing item should go. Boxes of spare clothes may go in one corner of your guest room, for instance, while special kit – like a desktop or precious art canvas – could need its own, dedicated realm.

There are countless reasons why you might want to organise your décor visually, instead of using the typical storage options. Room dividers break up the uniformity of a single layout so your interior has smaller spaces of interest.

A portable antidote to ‘same old’ uniformity

We’ve alluded to current appetites for multi-purpose rooms: the office-stroke-gym, the play den, the conservatory with its own dining spot. Yet we haven’t really chewed into the meat of room dividers (the portable sort) for taking your creativity on the move.

When inspiration hits you, simply shift the divider to another place in the home. When friends turn up, they’ll be delighted by the difference, such as the streaming daylight coming through a hallway they assumed was closed off for good. Freestanding furniture can also be deployed for intensive study sessions – you’re much less likely to be distracted from a mountain of paperwork if you can literally shut off the rest of the room. Essentially, it’s a form of visual focus, which translates to your levels of concentration.

Bespoke room dividers can be shaped to the finest mould of your bedroom, study or social quarters – our design experts are more than ready to advise on their implementation. Contact us today or visit our showroom to see how a divider can subtract your interior hang-ups…

With many thanks to Lime Lace, our truly inspiring home interiors blog partner, for the wonderful images.

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