wins £1000 in pitching competition

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I recently joined a entrepreneurs program called Entrepreneurial Spark which has proved to be a major benefit for my business in many ways. This program supplies mentorship, free office space, telephone, printing, encouragement and prepares you to be investible and ready to become a major business. It is a 6-month program where every aspect of your business is looked at and addressed in depth.

I was shortlisted recently for one of their pitching competitions and had 60 seconds to describe my business, what makes me different, why I deserved a prize of £1000 and what I would do with it, the market size and potential and my credentials. That was a pretty tough ask to cram all that into 60 seconds but I managed to do the job well and was one of two winners of £1000.

The fun task now is to turn that £1000 into £2000 or more!

I am probably going to use it initially for Google adwords as Wine sells well at Christmas. If I turn the necessary profit from that I will then reinvest the money into a new website and video course to entertain, engage, build credibility and new sales.

Click for more information on the Entrepeneurial Spark program as I highly recommend it and it's now in 12 locations throughout the UK

To check out the lovely wines I sell got to my website where I have a superb selection of over 900 wines that are normally reserved for the restaurant trade. This range has been chosen specifically to represent the best value and quality available.

Our Christmas range of wine gifts, Ports, Prosecco and Champagnes are now available and we think you will love the choice.

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