Woop Woop! We made Branson’s Pitch to Rich!

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Obviously there's an official press release as well… but this is just a quick THANKS to all the SBS winners who voted for me to get through.

We're still a really small business, so reaching 933 votes was a major undertaking in our business.  Customers are very hit and miss when it comes to getting votes, and while I KNOW we did get a lot of customers voting for us, a great many of our votes came from #SBS winners, business associates and friends!

We have every expectation to get eliminated before we get to the next voting level, but it's been a huge achievement to reach the first hurdle!  And who knows, we might get lucky and pique the judges interest!

There are already three other SBS winners in the final stages with us – Rainydayboxco, Sassybloom and Gummeeglove – so 4 out of 50 businesses already have Theo Paphitis recognition.  If you ask me, that's probably a "statistical significance".  Which means Theo is good at spotting winning businesses with his #SBS selections!

Who knows what will happen next…?

Obviously it would be a great experience to get to the workshop stages, but the press results from this first stage are already rippling out, with articles in two trade magazines already this morning, and hopefully more to follow.

We heard from our PR team last week that many businesses they've worked with at national level didn't make the shortlist, so we're proud of ourselves and extremely grateful for all the support we've had through the #SBS win and the team here. 

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