Yippee! VIPmumsNdads at the #sbsevent 2020

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Is what I say about my day at the #sbsevent2020 in Birmingham!

I'm Netty from VIPmumsNdads and have been trying to be an #SBS winner for a few years now, I'd enter when I could and retweeted as many as possible!

To be honest I used to look forward to entering the #sbs every Sunday between 5pm until 7.30pm as well as seeing all the other great businessees trying to be a winner too and when a member of VIPmumsNdads won I felt so happy for them and then when I had got used to not winning……… I WON!.

VIPmumsNdads won last year 2019 and had about 7 months until the event in Birmingham and that time flew by, hotel booked for myself and husband and off we went to my first big newtworking event and to actually meet Dragon's Den Theo Paphitis.

The event was a great experience, with talks from #Google, Linkedin, Mind as well as the fire side chat with current Dragon's Den Sara Davies, It was exciting hearing VIPmumsNdads members asking questions, hoping I'd find them later and the fun trying to find or be found by so many members in such a short time.

Next year I will be more prepared to know how it all works, as I did not realise the balloon tables were various categories to network, I should of gone to all the tables, but No I thought these were snack tables and not networking areas, woops! but I know now!

I actually feel quite proud of myself, as I have mental health issues, made worse from being bullied, to the point I was too afraid to go out and then VIPMums was put together, moving forwards to ammending our name to VIPmumsNdads, I gave everything, doing it by myself, building members, likers and followers from zero to over 25,000.

AND now a very proud winner of #sbsevent2020.

Here's a bit more about VIPmumsNdads.

We've a website that's free for everyone to join, you're given a profile to complete, where you can add everything needed to promote your business, charity or simply be a member, (no kids needed) lol! completed profiles are then listed within our search engine for our members and visitors to view!

We aim to give everyone a #FREE platform where they can #share their #news, add #blogs, find #deals, #advertise as well as find other members and businesses to connect with.

Fancy looking at our social media sites, pop on over here!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vipmumsndads

Website: https://vipmumsndads.co.uk/why-join

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vipmumsndads/

Pinterest profile: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/vipmumsndads/

Hoping that more #sbswinners will join us and get networking together!

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