You dont ask you dont get!

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Friday 30th Jan 2014 will now be forever etched as a key point in my business. It was the day that i had a chance to make a choice, a choice to ask a question. The question involved a lot of bravery, and also the hope that out of the two possible answers the right one would come back.

Question time at the SBS event 2014 with Theo Paphitis himself taking the questions, he was the one man who could answer my question, and finaly after 30 mins of having my hand held straight up in the air to get his attention i was asked, to ask my question.

"Hi Theo, Im Kevin from KGC Engineering, Classic Car Restorers, and my question to you Theo is this: I know you love your classic cars, so i was wondering if you would let me restore your next car?"

Everyone in the room was looking at me and then back at Theo, awaiting the answer as we all knew that theos next words would be so significant and have the potential to change everything.

Theo Replied:

"Yes, absolutley, the jobs yours, You better be good"

Everybody cheered and applauded

I replied:

"thankyou Theo, thank you soo much, im very good at what i do, and i will hold you to your promice"


And so, a new chapter im the life of KGC Engineering was born, a big name client very proudly put into our client list.

so its a story of truth that if you dont ask you dont get, i did ask and i got, not everyone will but if you never ask you will never know

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